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December 20, 2023

The Ultimate Travel Trends for 2024



With 2024 on the horizon, it’s time for our annual forecast of travel trends. Personalization is in ever-increasing demand, augmented reality is growing in momentum, and air travel is about to look very different. From technology to sustainable travel content, here’s a look at what we anticipate will shape the industry in 2024.

Travel Brands Will Prioritize Personalization and Security

As travelers increasingly use technology in all aspects of their lives, digital transformation is not just one of the travel trends in the industry, but an expectation. In recent years travelers have embraced contactless payments to prioritize health and safety, leaned into virtual reality when considering hotel accommodations, and posed booking questions to chatbots. We expect that these technologies will continue to gain ground throughout the industry, with travelers keen to adopt tools that bring ease to their trips.

AI holds many applications for the travel industry, optimizing the behind-the-scenes work that makes for a seamless travel experience. AI solutions can forecast prime times to buy airline tickets, for example, and help make baggage distribution more efficient. In the hospitality sector, AI technology is helping managers create discerning staff schedules and ensure their restaurants are always amply supplied.

Additionally, interconnectedness will be well appreciated, with travelers seeking to bundle the planning process as much as possible. When considering new solutions, focus on the traveler journey and what will be most helpful to your guests.

Our travel solutions are designed to bring ease to planning and enhance the trip experience. For example, our Travel Tips API curates essential info – like weather insights, safety tips, and currency information – helping your guests make informed decisions, especially when exploring international destinations for the first time.

Along with the excitement of launching a new app or brand partnership, however, travel organizations must be vigilant on the security front. A recent study found that the travel and tourism industry ranked #3 in cybersecurity incidents. As organizations implement AI, IoT, and other technologies, they must also take extensive measures to safeguard traveler data.

Sustainability: The Road to 2025

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Specifically for travel content, we expect that many organizations will focus their 2024 marketing initiatives on the status of sustainability goals. From reducing emissions to going plastic-free, governments, tourism boards, and travel brands across the globe have made public commitments in recent years towards specific goals, many with a 2030 or 2025 timeline.

Whether you’re developing a comprehensive case study or investing in video marketing, the time has come to show the fruits of your labor. 2024 is prime time to tell the stories of your team’s efforts or update your community on current progress with 2030 goals. And if challenges have changed your organization’s timeline, it’s important to relay this with authentic and straightforward messaging.

Studies continue to show that travelers are interested in environmentally-friendly trips and appreciate brands that align with those values. Thoughtful travel content marketing can engage your guests and build trust as you celebrate important milestones in the journey to net zero.

AR Will Engage Travelers in New Ways

From healthcare to retail, augmented reality has made waves in an array of industries over the years, and we anticipate it will increasingly be embraced by the tourism sector. AR differs from VR in that it combines both the real and digital world, layering digital elements on top of the user’s actual surroundings. The benefits of AR can readily be seen, from surgeons using AR to help guide procedures to consumers envisioning how furniture will look in their home.

While AR holds many interesting applications for the travel industry, one particularly exciting opportunity is its role in history tourism. Imagine standing in front of ancient architecture, viewing a digital overlay of its original coloring and artwork. That’s just what the COSMOTE CHRONOS app, in partnership with Greece’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, provides for the Acropolis and other ancient sites.

Augmented reality on phone- Travel Trends

As the technology develops, AR will become even more accessible. AR tools can already be used through smartphones and tablets. And while many may envision a bulky headset when thinking of augmented reality, “smart glasses” – or glasses with AR capabilities – are now available in many designs fitted for comfortable use. Some even resemble stylish sunglasses.

The Arrival of eVTOLs as one of the ultimate travel trends

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the aviation industry, with the arrival of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircrafts. These electric aircrafts – some resembling helicopters and small planes, others seemingly straight out of a sci-fi movie – fly without producing emissions and feature reduced noise pollution.

Though this technology has been creating buzz for over a decade, eVTOLs are expected to truly take off in 2025. This year, numerous eVTOL brands have showcased their aircrafts at conferences and public flight demonstrations, while brands such as United Airlines have already placed orders for aircrafts.

And while the aviation community has been waiting for this moment for quite some time, the public may see eVTOLS in action as early as next summer. German aerospace company Volocopter has announced plans to launch eVTOL passenger services at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

There are still many challenges ahead for eVTOLs, from government regulations to infrastructure development. Still, with fans tuning in from around the world, this acclaimed event is sure to accelerate conversation around eVTOLs and the future of sustainable travel.

From long-awaited innovations to continued growth in digital transformation, these are just some of the travel trends we anticipate in the coming year. Connect with our team to discover how our suite of solutions can meet the needs of your travel community.

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