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Drive Bookings with Tailored Destination Content Solutions

To increase bookings, capturing potential travelers’ attention is crucial. Enhance their experience with
Smartvel’s personalized destination content and enrich the customer journey at every stage.

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Enhance Your Customer Journey with Smartvel’s
Digital Solutions and Destination Content

Discover Your Next Destination Content

I want to get away

Capture your potential customers’ attention with tailored videos, pictures, and tips. Showcase destinations on social media with engaging reels, and guide customers to your sales page using Explore&Go maps on your website and app.

Time to make a plan

Help travelers make informed decisions with insider information on the best cultural, culinary, and must-see experiences. Our curated content will ensure and unforgettable trip, helping them discover their dream destination and plan the perfect getaway.

Discover Your Next Destination Content
Discover Your Next Destination Content

Make the most of an experience

Once your customers have booked their trip or arrived at the destination, offer them exciting activities and essential itinerary planning tools for their trip. With Smartvel’s digital solutions, provide them a seamless experience from start to finish.

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Maximize the Impact of Our Destination Content


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How We Do It

Relevant & Customizable Content for Your Customers

 Best destination content:

We use technology, AI, and our dedicated content team to provide you with the best destination content.

 Dynamic content:

Our AI keeps your destination agenda updated with all local events and activities.

 Interactive solutions:

Enhance UX with our interactive solutions, tailored to match your brand’s style, or use our full content APIs.

 Customized content:

We tailor the content to cater to the interests and profiles of your customers.

 Geotags & Translations:

We geotag all content and translate it into more than 20 languages.

 Content categories:

We create personalized content categories to match your audiences’ interests.

 Content variety:

We offer diverse content aggregation levels to accommodate your geographies.


Engage at Any Point Along the Customer Journey

01 Find Inspiration


Looking for a perfect destination?

I want to travel, search for destination

02 Helpful Info

Travel Tips

Language currency, time zone

Essential info about the country
What’s going on in destination

03 What to Do?

Trip planner

Points of interest

Travel Guides

Restaurants, Activities

Calendar of Events

Concerts, Exhibitions

Day-to-day plans and activities

Day-to-day plans and activities

What restaurants?