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Our Customization Capabilities

When integrating our widgets, we ensure that they seamlessly align with your brand guidelines and visual identity. Our team will adapt the look and feel of the widgets to match your brand’s style, creating a cohesive and branded experience for your customers.
Your brand and your audiences are unique, and so is our content.

Content Customization

Customize the content to match your audience’s preferences.

Categories and Tags

Empower customers to customize their plans by tailoring Smartvel’s categories and tags to their interests.

Smartvel’s API

We help clients maximize API potential and leverage our technology to its fullest.

Look & Feel Personalization

We will ensure that our widgets seamlessly align with your brand guidelines and visual identity.

Our Advisory Hub

 EntryDocs, also
with space for you

Customize the content to include specific information such as pet policies, special security conditions, accessibility guidelines, and more. This allows you to provide relevant and essential information to your customers, all together in one place.

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Discover Your Next Destination Content
Discover Your Next Destination Content


 Personalize Your Content with Smartvel

From visual adjustments to tailored content and personalized categories, Smartvel gives you the tools to create an engaging experience for your customers. Explore our possibilities and elevate your brand today!

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