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About Trip Planner

 The Ultimate Planning Tool

Ensure unforgettable experiences for your travelers with an interactive solution that provides a personalized selection of restaurants, must-visit locations, tours & activities, and a live local agenda.

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A Fully Customizable Solution

Integration of your own content, services and third-party agreements.

Adapted styling to match your look & feel.

Categorized content to build a unique and shareable plan.

Content may also be available in Smartvel’s API.

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Everything, for Everyone

Ensure travelers find the best activities according to their interests, budget, and travel companions.

Delegate the creation and updating of travel content to our AI and content creators.

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Make Travel Planning Easy and Enjoyable

A functional and entertaining tool to allow your travelers to discover all that awaits at their destination and make the most out of their stay.

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Discover Your Next Destination Content
Discover Your Next Destination Content


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