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 Inspire Both Inside
& Outside Vehicles

Connected car drivers demand personalized experiences that highlight the places they visit. Our destination content offers a wide range of activities to inspire your clients in more than 500 cities worldwide.

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Our AI-empowered technology is capable of categorizing, geotagging, translating, enriching, and accurately
validating everything there is for your customers to experience at any destination worldwide.


events per year processed by Smartvel’s AI Technology


Verification, enrichment, and
categorization processes


Online sources, blogs, third-party agreements, and more.

How We Help

 Enhancing the Driving Experience

We can help OEMs and software companies for connected cars distinguish themselves by adding value to their software using our destination API and enhancing the driver experience.

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Our API, Your Personalized Solution

What if GPS could include a heat map indicating the most relevant POIs, restaurants, and shops in any
city while you are at the charging station?

Unique AI & Big Data technology with over 750K events/ year.
+1K travel online sources make our content more complete every day.
+40 processes to verify, enrich, and categorize.
+500 destinations in 20 languages available (new on demand).

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Access to our API within 24 hours: Smartvels’ platform can be easily
integrated within any app, web, or mobile web.

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