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Company & Services

What is Smartvel?
We are a B2B company that focuses on providing digital, travel-related content solutions to our clients. Our aim is to assist companies in offering their customers accurate and specific information at different stages of their customer journey.
What travel-related content does Smartvel provide?
We offer two main categories of travel-related content:


  1. Inspirational content: including destination information, travel tips, plans, activities, events, travel guides, restaurants, as well as media content such as videos and imagery.
  2. Travel requirements: including travel documentation, advisories, health requirements and any type of existing rules for leaving, connecting through or entering a destination.
How can your solutions benefit my business?
Our solutions can be integrated at different stages of the customer journey, with different purposes.


  • Inspirational content is generally used at an early stage to enhance booking conversion by making your destinations appealing, and at the post-booking stage to engage travelers by providing experiences at the destination.
  • Travel requirements are generally provided after booking, taking the stress out of travel by providing comprehensive details on what the user needs to have and do to arrive at the destination.

Check out our “By need” page to find out more details, depending on what your goal is.

What industries do you primarily serve?
Our solutions can be adapted to cater to the specific needs of various sectors, but we primarily work with companies in the travel industry, such as airlines, cruises, hotels, online travel agencies (OTAs), and smart cities.


We also collaborate with businesses operating in other industries such as food and beverage, mobility, insurance, and other sectors.

Products & Solutions

How can I use Smartvel’s content?
Our content is provided via widgets or via API.


  • Widgets are ready-to-use components that are embedded into your website or app with just a few lines of HMTL code. Smartvel releases new versions periodically, developing new features or enhancing existing ones.
  • APIs provide a tool to directly access and retrieve Smartvel’s content, allowing you to integrate our content into various platforms, such as email, or any other system.

The choice ultimately depends on your preferences, software development capabilities, and integration time.

How much time does it take to integrate your solutions?
The integration time varies depending on whether you choose to use widgets or API and the specific content requirements.


Integrating a widget with existing content can be accomplished within a couple of days. If you require content for destinations that are not currently in our catalog, the curation process may take a few weeks to ensure comprehensive coverage.


In the case of API integration, the development is handled by our clients, and the integration time also depends on their resources and implementation process.

Can I integrate a Smartvel widget into my app?
Absolutely! If you have the capability to include HTML code in your app, integrating a Smartvel widget is as straightforward as it is on a website.


If your app doesn’t support HTML code integration, you have the option to link to a Smartvel microsite that displays our widget.

What do I have to do to upgrade the version of my widget?
Nothing. Smartvel is in charge of updating your widget version and making the necessary changes for you to take advantage of the latest features automatically.

Content & Technology

Smartvel combines AI + Content Creators to generate content. What’s the role of each part?
The combination of AI and Content Creators is our winning formula.


  • AI: Collects, monitors, classifies, geotags and translates events from thousands of sources.
    Checks sources periodically and alerts our human team if changes occur, indicating which source changed, the previous shown information or the new one.
  • Content creators: Review alerts and the content generated by AI, modifying or enhancing the content, if necessary.
    Select imagery and curate new content about destination information, travel tips, places to see, travel guides, and more.
    Periodically review destination information.
How does Smartvel’s AI work?
Smartvel combines different AI models:


  • A unique and proprietary AI technology capable of inspecting thousands of websites to collect, classifies, geotags, and translates events happening globally, as well as identifying changes to travel regulations.
  • Existing AI models such as ChatGPT, designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the received input.

Depending on the specific product or service, either one or both of these models may be utilized.

Where do you get the information from?
For travel requirements, we track official global sources such as government websites, ministries, tourism offices, and other official bodies.


For events, we track destinations’ agenda websites, social media, and other platforms that provide information on upcoming events.

How often do you update your content?
It depends on the type of content and how time-sensitive it is:


  • For travel requirements, our AI monitors global official sources every hour, so we update our content in just a few minutes after changes occur.
  • For dynamic content such as events, our Content Creators review sources weekly or biweekly, depending on the amount of events at a destination.
  • For static content, such as places to see or restaurants, our team reviews content every 6 months.


Is your content available in multiple languages?
Yes. Translation into different languages can be done automatically or reviewed, with different pricing options.


Contact us to know which languages and options we currently cover.

Can the style of your widget be adapted to match my brand guidelines?
Yes, Smartvel takes care of that. We will use your website or app to personalize the style of the widget just for you. You can also share your brand guidelines with our Product Team to make sure our solutions perfectly match your look and feel.
Can you include third-party content in your widgets?
Yes, each widget can display content from third parties such as travel insurance companies, digital visas, tours & activities, and accommodation, among others.


We can also include your own services to increase conversions and positively impact your revenue.

Can I include my own content in your solutions?
Yes, we can ensure your unique content is displayed and even prioritized over others to increase visibility.


For instance, in our Travel Requirements widget we can include your specific conditions and in our Inspirational widgets we can display certain destinations or activities over others.


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