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Content to Help Airlines Overcome Challenges

We help Airlines provide timely travel information and captivating destination content to attract and engage
travelers ensuring a seamless journey experience.


In today’s travel landscape, travelers crave seamless and stress-free journeys. Airlines play a crucial role in becoming the trusted source of updated travel requirement information.


Destination content is crucial for airlines to enhance SEO, attract organic traffic, and boost online visibility. With detailed descriptions, captivating images, and engaging videos, Smartvel helps airlines achieve these goals.

One-Stop Solution

Travel Requirements for Airlines

Become the trusted and unique source of travel information covering documents, visas,
health information, and personalized requirements.

Being a trusted source of information

Offering up-to-date information

Assisting travelers with personalized and accurate responses

Reducing calls to call centers

Generating additional revenue from ancillaries (visas and insurance)

When planning (web, app, bot), in the booking confirmation email, and in the pre-departure email.

Within the check-in process to facilitate onboarding.

Internal customer service/call center and airport operations teams.

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Destination Content for Attracting and Engaging

By providing relevant content, we help companies enhance their digital touchpoints and improve
the overall customer experience throughout every stage of the customer journey.

Improve SEO positioning.

Increase conversion to bookings by integrating prices, proprietary content, and guiding users towards reservations.

Provide content and digital solutions for each stage of the journey

Enhance email communications (pre-booking, pre-departure, abandoned cart, etc.).

Foster customer loyalty by offering a comprehensive agenda of must-see attractions, activities, and local events.

Inspire customers during the dreaming phase with outstanding destination and hotel content through Explore&Go.

During travel planning, provide travelers with captivating visuals, videos, curated descriptions, and maps showcasing your hotels and nearby attractions

At the destination, offer our Trip Planner for great content that makes their trip unforgettable. Provide a digital concierge service to support your staff.


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