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Destinations are full of life, are you ready to enhance your clients experience?

What is Smartvel’s technology?

Smartvel is a B2B SaaS tech company specialized in destination content solutions for the Travel Industry: Airlines, DMOs, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Car rentals, Maps, F&B, and other segments. We have developed a unique destination content technology based on Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, that is capable of gathering, classifying, translating and geolocating effectively everything there is to experience at any destination in the world.

We are digital transformation enablers

Enrich your digital touchpoints with relevant content for your travelers. Smartvel system processes more than 2 million events per year that go through more than 40 verification, enrichment and categorization processes. All this information comes from more than 500 online sources, Open Data, Travel Blogs, agreements with activity providers, and many other sources. With all this volume of data, our technology is able to order and update efficiently and automatically all this data.

The dynamic interface, is available in many languages, it is customizable and 100% adaptable to your branding. The best part is, that you can fastly and easily integrate it within any of your digital channels.

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Building innovative solutions

Destinations are full of life, there are thousands of things to do and, guess what? Your travelers would love to know. That is why we have developed a destination content software so that nothing is missed out!

Discover our products

  • Trip Planner

    A fully branded destination content widget that integrates Smartvel’s up-to-date destination content and your own content layers with relevant user features. It can be embedded in any web or App in record time.

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  • Chatbot

    An innovative system to let your clients discover everything there is to experience on their travel dates through Facebook Messenger.

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  • API

    Use Smartvel’s raw content on your own digital channels via API, designing your own interface.

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We offer up-to-date, high quality destination content

Our pioneer technology combines the following types of content:

EVENTS – Up-to-date Dynamic content

Concerts, sports events, art exhibitions…

PLACES – Static content

POI’s, restaurants, monuments…

PERSONALISED LAYERS – Your own content:

Ancillaries, 3rd party agreements, your own events, recommendations, etc.

What do we do?

Enhancing the customer journey as a whole

From the inspiration stage, to the planning and in-destination phases. Make the most out of all touchpoints and find new opportunities to interact.

Implementation in record time: Innovating was never so fast and easy

With a content management system for you to personalise your offers and recommendations.

Any device, any language

English? Español? Français?, 漢語? , русский язык? العربية? … NO PROBLEM.

Sounds interesting?


What our clients say about us

  • Excelent.

    Smartvel helps us display all the events that are happening in Buenos Aires in an updated and geolocated way. They are always thinking about how to improve and they constantly generate new ideas and proposals.”

    Aluminé Álvarez

    Responsable herramientas digitales. Competitividad e Innovación de la Oferta – Turismo | Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • Good and smooth integration

    Fast changes and support is good, so far so good.”

    Keevin Cheng

    Senior E-Commerce and Distribution Analyst| Singapore Airlines

  • Perfect content for everyone

    It is a very useful solution for our users because it keeps them up-to-date of any event that is happening in any city you are visiting or even in your own city

    María Balsera

    Digital Expert | Mahou-San Miguel

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