May 14, 2024

New EntryDocs: a smarter solution, for a better user experience

Maria Perez

Maria Perez

Today user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) have become crucial factors in ensuring not only customer satisfaction, but also customer loyalty and conversion. A positive on-page experience makes the user spend more time exploring the content, helping to decrease the bounce rate and optimising the conversion rate, as visitors are more likely to perform desired actions: complete purchases, subscribe, participate in an event or contest, etc. With the idea of making our solutions visually attractive and functionally efficient once integrated into our clients’ websites or apps, Smartvel has revamped one of our most popular solutions, EntryDocs, whose improvement highlights the benefits of UX optimisation. Want to know how? Read on!

A simplified three-step process to improve efficiency

EntryDocs new interface features a redesigned form, divided into three simple steps, which facilitates the collection of essential information in a more efficient and less repetitive manner. This strategic change not only simplifies the data entry process but also significantly improves the clarity with which the user can complete the forms, ensuring more structured and accurate responses.

  • Process simplification: we reduce complexity to avoid user fatigue and improve comprehension.
  • Increased flow: a more natural and logical flow keeps the user moving smoothly.
  • Less redundancy: we eliminate the need for repetitive information entry, streamlining the entire process.

Restructuring the Presentation of Information: Clear and Concise

We have completely transformed how required information is presented. With a traffic light-like visual summary, users can quickly understand what documents they need at each stage of their journey – before departure, when entering the country and during transit through other countries – without unnecessary overload.

  • Efficient visualization: implementation of a traffic light system for quick and effective review.
  • Organization by travel stages: helps users to better plan their documentation and requirements.
  • Focus on essentials: we have refined the results to show only what is most relevant, thus improving usability.


Enhanced Visibility and Direct Access to Additional Services

EntryDocs not only facilitates travel planning but also expands business opportunities for our clients. The redesign has also improved the visibility of the client’s promotional services and partners, including more prominent banners and visa shortcuts.

  • Effective promotion: improved visibility of advertisements and complementary services.
  • Direct access to visas: we simplified the process of obtaining the necessary travel documents.

Other Minor Changes with Major Impacts

In addition to the main enhancements, EntryDocs introduces functionalities that allow sharing trip details with other users, aggregating all official sources of information and continuously updating destination details to keep the user well-informed.

  • Easy sharing: we encourage collaboration and information exchange between users.
  • Aggregation of official information: we centralize data to provide a more reliable and consistent resource.
  • Constant updates: we ensure that destination information is always up to date.


Improving User Experience to Boost Conversion and Customer Loyalty

The importance of an intuitive user interface and a smooth user experience cannot be underestimated in today’s digital business context. With EntryDocs, we have redefined these aspects to ensure that every interaction not only satisfies, but also delights our users. By focusing on improving every touchpoint within the tool, we have created an environment that not only facilitates conversion through simplified and clear processes, but also promotes greater customer loyalty.

Our approach to UX/UI goes beyond visual aesthetics; it’s about understanding and responding to user needs before they become an obstacle. This anticipation translates into features such as forms segmented into manageable steps and visual summaries that clarify documentation requirements instantly. These adjustments not only reduce user effort, but also minimize potential errors, improving confidence in our tool and, in turn, increasing return and recommendation rates from satisfied users.

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