January 10, 2024

Fitur: In the Footsteps of Innovation

Maria Perez

Maria Perez

Madrid is getting ready to host one of the most important international events in the world of tourism: Fitur. From January 24th-28th, the city becomes the epicenter of tourism innovation and digital collaboration opportunities. In this blog, we will explore not only what makes Fitur a unique international tourism fair, but also how Madrid is preparing to make the most of this scenario, from its economic impacts to the trends that will set the tone for the industry. Join us on this tour of Fitur and its influence on the Spanish capital!

 Fitur: A Global Showcase Defining the Travel Industry

Fitur stands out as a leading trade fair in the travel industry for several reasons. First, it acts as a global barometer that reveals the latest trends and changes in the tourism industry worldwide. The diversity of participants from around the world makes Fitur a comprehensive showcase for innovations and emerging destinations.

In addition, Fitur is positioned as a dynamic platform for tourism innovation. From the presentation of disruptive technologies to the promotion of sustainable practices, the fair is the epicenter where transformative ideas take shape and define the evolution of tourism.

The massive presence of professionals, entrepreneurs and industry leaders at Fitur creates an atmosphere encouraging  networking and the formation of strategic alliances. The event thus becomes a global meeting point where key connections are made that drive future collaborations.

The diversity of exhibitors, ranging from tourism destinations to technology companies and service providers, ensures that Fitur is a comprehensive showcase for all things tourism. This diversity offers attendees a comprehensive view of the industry, from the latest innovations to best practices in tourism service delivery.

 Fitur and Madrid: A Successful Economic Marriage

financial city madrid

Fitur, beyond its recognition as an international tourism fair, stands as an essential economic catalyst for the bustling city of Madrid. 

The magnitude of Fitur unleashes a surge of economic activity, creating temporary demand that translates directly into job creation. Hotels, restaurants and transportation services see a substantial increase in their operations, providing job opportunities that improve Madrid’s labor market.

Fitur not only fills the fairgrounds, but also injects vitality into local businesses. From small stores to cozy cafes, the flow of visitors during the fair fosters a commercial boom, boosting sales and contributing to the business fabric on the streets of Madrid.

Madrid, by hosting Fitur, becomes the epicenter of international tourism attention. This global exposure not only benefits the city during the event, but also projects a positive image in the long term, positioning Madrid as a leading tourist destination and attracting visitors long after the fair’s doors have closed.

Fitur translates into a considerable financial injection for Madrid. From increased hotel occupancy to direct spending on restaurants, transportation and cultural activities, this fair contributes significantly to the city’s financial stability, creating an economic impact that lasts over time.

Join Us at Fitur: Where Opportunities Take Off

work meeting

As every year, Smartvel invites you to connect with our team in the Fitur pavilions. We look forward to hearing about your content strategies for the coming year. We learned valuable lessons about your needs last year, and during 2023, we focused on making concrete what your digital strategies require. Now, our innovations are poised to revolutionize your customers’ experience, redefining your travelers’ interaction with the destination.

Simplifying the Shopping Process: Increase Conversion Rates

By integrating fares and pricing during the decision-making process, we’ve simplified the buying process for your travelers. This integration not only streamlines customer choice, but also potentially boosts conversion rates on your website exponentially.

Emotional Immersion through Engaging Content

Engaging your audience with immersive video goes beyond simple images. This engaging content is not only a powerful catalyst to increase sales, but also elevates your brand presence by becoming an integral part of the customer journey through emotional storytelling.

Empowering Travelers: Unique Journeys Tailored to Preferences

Our tools enable travelers to plan unique trips based on their preferences. With the ability to prioritize searches by location, discover nearby events and create personalized itineraries, we not only enhance customer engagement, but also open doors to monetization opportunities at various stages of the journey.

Keep Your Website Dynamic with Our SEO Solution

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Seamless Integration for a Complete User Experience

Seamlessly integrate links to tours, activities and essential location information. Elevates the user experience by providing information on weather, language, safety, currency and transportation. Combine these features, such as Trip Planner, to deliver a complete, user-centric experience on your website.

Don’t forget that we are here for you, to translate your ideas into concrete actions, to make your goals more achievable and to provide you with the necessary support at every step of your journey. We look forward to connecting with you at Fitur and working together to build a future of shared success – see you at Fitur, where innovation and collaboration meet!

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