April 10, 2024

360º personalization in hotel industry marketing strategies

Maria Perez

Maria Perez

There is no doubt that offering a complete guest experience with useful and personalized information during their stay is key to hotel promotion. There is also no doubt that technology plays a key role in facilitating personalization and offering products and offers based on users’ browsing behavior. The benefits of a good personalization are enormous and range from a good positioning of the online reputation, to increase engagement data, time on page and of course the increase of direct sales and loyalty. However, the technical implementation on the web of a navigation that offers a good user experience and personalized content usually entails a considerable expenditure of time and money.

Thanks to Smartvel’s AI technology, we have managed to generate a package of target content solutions that effectively address these needs, content personalization based on customer preferences, SEO positioning in search engines, increased direct conversion and updated content with an easy and fast implementation that directly improves the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, as we show you in the following success stories.

The Pulse Hotels Case

One of our most popular solutions is our Event Calendar, which can not only be the updated agenda for each destination but also serves as an interface to customer content. Companies like Pulse Hotels have adopted this tool to transform their guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

Facilitating the Guest Experience

The key to an exceptional hotel experience lies in personalization and accessibility. With our calendar widget, Pulse Hotels offers your guests a more personalized experience by presenting them with all activities and events available at the hotel during their stay, or even displaying only the external tours or activities they are interested in in case of third-party agreements.

In addition, the widget interface ensures that guests can easily explore available options and make reservations directly from the hotel’s website or mobile app. This not only improves guest satisfaction, but also increases revenue generation opportunities for the hotel.

Optimizing Content Management

For Pulse Hotels, implementing our widget is not only about improving the guest experience, but also about simplifying internal content management. Our platform allows you to easily upload and update information about activities and events, eliminating the need to rely on multiple tools and systems.

From Smartvel, we take care of updating these activities. This not only saves time and resources for our clients, but also ensures that hotel guests receive accurate and relevant information at all times.

Root customization

One of the most powerful features of our widgets is the ability to tailor the content according to the specific needs of each user. This can be achieved by including parameters in the URL or by direct configuration in the widget code.

For example, Trip Planner can be loaded with filtered activities for different user segments, such as families, couples or art and culture lovers. Similarly, Explore&Go can be tailored to user preferences by displaying specific information based on the selected country, region or theme.

This personalization capability not only improves the relevance of the content for each user, but also allows companies in the travel industry to create targeted campaigns and emails with preconfigured links to specific widgets. For example, in the case of EntryDocs, customers can receive direct links to widgets containing relevant travel requirements based on their nationality, residency and age.

In short, personalization in the travel industry not only enhances the customer experience, but also drives business engagement, loyalty and profitability. By taking full advantage of available data and personalization tools, companies can differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace and meet the changing demands of modern travelers.

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