Smartvel's Roadmap 2024
December 20, 2023


Noelia Martin

Noelia Martin

2024 is close at hand and we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting new features that are about to happen at Smartvel. From the possibility of offering your travelers the option of creating their own itinerary and routes at a travel destination, to the capacity of ranking your website while showing up-to-date quality content with no effort, the new year is bringing exciting opportunities for your website and app to improve your travelers’ experience.

Imagine you couldn’t decide where to go on your next trip and you let technology help you. What if that same technology also gives you information about that very location with top places to visit, best restaurants, events, and all your favorite things to do all in one place? What if you save all the things you want to see and go on a personal itinerary and keep it for the trip? This is exactly what Smartvel can do for your travelers. Imagine being able to create a trip to remember according to your customers’ preferences and needs, saving them time and headaches, while ranking your brand at search engines with relevant information. Simply a perfect match!

But let’s dig a little bit more in all the updates that you will be available to enjoy very soon.



Sometimes, when planning a trip, we’re not quite sure where we want to go exactly, and the same locations keep popping in our heads over and over. Wouldn’t it be great if someone suggests you a couple of nice options for you to explore and play? Say no more!

The new Explore&Go will include a gamified feature that will help your travelers enjoy their deciding process by spinning the wheel and discovering their next adventure.

This option will make the dulling experience of searching  into a fun and exciting one, adding the surprise factor to the travelers’ decision-making process.

Explore&Go random destinations feature


Time is money as they say, and the ability to simplify the purchasing process to your travelers may increase exponentially your conversion rate. To help you achieve your goals we provide the opportunity of integrating all your fares and prices in the decision-making stage to foster fast purchases

However, we all know that sometimes the major pain for a traveler is not deciding where to go, but adjusting a trip to their budget. We are also addressing this possibility by introducing a new feature that will help customers to search for destinations according to price. Imagine how helpful it can be to someone checking all the possibilities that a budget allows in just one place.


A nice way to dive into destinations is to explore them through videos. This is a more accurate and evoking emotion for a traveler because they can see themselves being part of those visuals. As we probably all know, content is the king in any marketing strategy, so interacting with engaging content will grab your traveler’s attention and increase your sales.


How many times we came across a totally different experience than someone else when visiting the same destination? This is something rather common and probably has nothing to do with the place but in the experiences we had there. Planning a trip is a major step to a traveler and may have a huge impact on how they experience the location. Having the possibility to explore what a destination has to offer according to your preferences not only engage a customer to a brand, but it also allows monetizing at these stages of the trip. But how can we enhance the traveler experience when they are deciding where to go or what to do in a destination? Trip Planner new features are the answer.


This feature will allow travelers to plan their trips according to their preferences. They can also prioritize this search by location and find out events occurring nearby. The events can be displayed in a filter list or in a map so that travelers can create their own itineraries according to the number of days they’re staying or specific needs. Once they have selected their favorites, it is also possible to create a route by pointing the distance between the attractions.

Trip Planner new itineraries feature


As we embrace technology and learn to adapt to new ways of discovering information, our expectations and online behavior also change.  Travel industry is continually evolving their marketing strategies to meet customer expectations and search engines play a crucial part in the booking journey. Consumers are no longer content with a couple of photographs and a brief description of what a destination offers, and Google wants to provide the best user experience by offering high quality relevant content on its SERPs. The problem, as usual, is how to keep fresh, dynamic and updated rich content in our websites?


We know the struggle is real and this is why we’re launching our first html SEO solution. This totally customizable tool may vary depending on your needs and preferences and will adapt according to a brand look & feel and content selection. It will be possible to personalize descriptions to better rank a website and identify new keywords opportunities for optimization. All these while presenting relevant and up-to-date information with our exclusive dynamic content.


Smartvel's SEO Solution recommendations

It is a fact that recommendations are still relevant to travelers, this is why it will be possible to integrate links from partners to suggest tours, activities, events, as well as restaurants or hotels in a more natural way than regular advertisements. Essential information about the locations can be also easily integrated giving travelers a hint of the weather, language, security, currency, and transportation. A section of FAQ will be also available to enhance user experience while boosting your on-page SEO, since engines favor well-structured and informative content. This solution can also be used along with other products such as Trip Planner for a better user experience on your site.

This is just a brief overview of how a magnificent year is about to come but stay tuned because more surprises are just around the corner.

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