COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Keep your customers up to date with the latest travel restrictions in your destinations.

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Your travelers still need answers

As vaccines roll out, travelers are eager to book their next trip. However, ever-changing travel requirements are confusing and chaotic, and they might be asking themselves different questions depending on if they’re vaccinated or not: Can I travel to this destination if I’m not vaccinated? Do I need a PCR? Is quarantine required? Is there any form I need to fill-in? What if I’m only in transit in a country? Do regulations apply?

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions is a solution powered by Smartvel’s AI to help you make it easy for your travelers to keep up with the latest requirements to travel.

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The peace of mind your customers need for travel.

Provide only official and updated information about the travel restrictions in any country

Smartvel’s AI gathers the latest information from reliable sources, official websites and institutions such as IATA Timatic, and enhances the content by adding more information from government sites and other official bodies.

We check and validate all the sources of information within the system every hour in order to ensure everything is updated, resulting in more than 5,000 checks daily

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What kind of information does COVID-19 Travel Restrictions provide?

  • Only official information from IATA Timatic & official Government websites
  • Permitted travelers
  • Critical KPIs (quarantine, PCR, forms, etc.)
  • Exceptional circumstances (professional reasons, health issues, transit…)
  • Documentation required for traveling
  • Instructions to follow upon arrival
  • Leisure options available in destination (e.g. Are restaurants open?)
  • Integration within the ticket confirmation or at any touchpoint
  • WCAG accessibility compliance
  • Your own and exclusive content per destination
  • Information at region or state level on demand

The smoothest integration in any of your channels

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions API or widgets are fully customizable according to your brand’s look and feel, languages required and destinations you need to cover. Plus, it can be integrated easily within any channel: web, app, emails, internal systems, onboarding, etc.

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Smartvel’s Travel Restrictions data can be used in many ways across the customer’s journey: on your website, digital boarding passes, confirmation and pre-departure emails, app, boarding or to reduce your call centers inquiries.

What makes us unique?

Quick go-to-market: Implementation in 2-3 days using our widgets, in any digital touchpoint (web, app, chatbot, email, private areas…)

Content Quality: We only use official & confirmed info (IATA + government sites) and our system performs checks every hour, which together with our manual monitoring and validation makes the content accuracy guaranteed

Ad-hoc information exclusive for each client can be included

Constant innovation and product updates

Sound good?

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