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Trip Planner

Smartvel Trip Planner is the ultimate inspiration and planning tool for your travelers

Inspire your travelers with a complete and personalized guide, multi-device and multilingual, including up to date destination content to help them to make the most of the experience.

Our solution allows users to discover endless things to do during their stay at a certain destination according to their travel dates and preferences, so they can find everything that the destination has to offer.

Smartvel’s Trip Planner interface is fully customizable and can include your own services and third party agreements

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Technology based on Big Data and Machine Learning

We have developed our own technology based on Big Data and Machine Learning that is able to efficiently collect from hundreds of sources, all the content on what to do at destinations: points of interest, events, concerts, fairs , restaurants, tours and activities, etc. Once this information is reviewed, categorized, translated and geolocated, we create different solutions so that our customers, main players in the tourism industry, improve their travelers’ “touchpoints”. Sounds good?

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What does our Trip Planner provide?

Smartvel Trip Planner includes:

  • A complete travel guide for your clients
  • All relevant and up to date content for all your destinations
  • User functionalities to filter by location, travel dates and preferences, as well as creating his own itinerary, recommended plans, share plans on social media, download on pdf, etc.
  • The geolocated and up-to-date cultural and leisure calendar
  • User-friendly and intuitive navigation
  • You won’t have to worry about updating it. It does it automatically!

Integrating a solution like this was never so simple

Once the specs and the scope of the project are approved, the Operations, Content and Customer Management teams will start implementing the solution for the agreed destinations and channels.

Forget about complex projects requiring time and effort for development and integration with your current systems. Forget about those complex projects that drain your team´s energy for development and integration with your systems Smartvel will look after 90% of the implementation in record time!

Besides, once the solution is integrated a Content Management System (CMS) will be available for you to add, modify and personalize your content.

You will receive monthly metrics report to start gaining insights about your user content preferences and the use of the platform.

Sounds good?

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