Top things to consider when integrating a Travel API

Are you thinking of improving your content offer for your travel business? Your customers expect much more. Discover everything you need to know about integrating a Travel API. 

Travel API integration

How a Travel API can help you meet today’s travelers’ needs.

As part of the digital era, today’s travelers tend to book everything by themselves and prefer to trust only one partner rather than visiting many websites. This is why travel providers are adapting more and more to the digital journey, offering integral travel services to their travelers. One of the best ways of increasing your value proposition and services is to integrate different travel APIs in your site.

Airlines, Hotels, and OTAs have opened their data to share their offerings with other travel platforms and at the same time integrate with other travel APIs to increase their value and offer an all-in-one experience to their customers.

Smartvel’s travel API includes everything you need to enrich all your digital channels with relevant content for your travelers. Gain access to thousands of events and up-to-date raw content for all your destinations, you will be able to integrate it into your own interfaces.

Why integrating a Travel API?

If you have a travel business focusing on for instance selling flights, you might need to consider integrating with other providers to offer as much value as possible to your customers.

There are many travel APIs out there that you can use. For instance, listing the “Top things to do in London” might help, but today’s travelers expect much more than that. They might also need some help with accommodation options that are suitable to their needs, profile, and budget, or a bit more elaborated guide to discover the hidden gems or a secret tour to discover the most cultural London.

It might be also interesting to help them with transport and restaurant recommendations while they are visiting the city, or show the events that will be happening during their stay. For Tourism Boards, for instance, providing up-to-date events of the destination can be a very valuable resource for visitors and a reason for them to visit your website in the future. It is all about personalization and travel APIs like Smartvel’s might be a good ally for that.

Also, with COVID-19, travel businesses have been forced to adapt more than ever. There are so many changes in travel requirements everyday that affect many destinations worldwide, and travelers get lost with this kind of information, which is at the same time crucial. This is why you might also want to consider offering your customers with up to the minute information about the latest restrictions in your destinations with a Travel API like Smartvel’s, which uses an AI technology to provide data only from official sources and detects real time updates.

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How does Smartvel’s Travel API work?

Smartvel’s Travel API is powered by an AI technology that is capable of processing from hundreds of sources of information millions of events and things to do in any destination worldwide (currently more than 500 destinations in 15 different languages) and gives you access to up to date destination content to provide your travelers with complete information for their trip.

With our Travel API, you can also access real-time travel restrictions in any destination to provide your customers with up to the minute restrictions affecting their trip and destinations.

It is time to start adding value to your travelers experience and enrich your digital channels with relevant and updated content about leisure options in-destination and Covid restrictions with Smartvel’s Travel API.

What are the benefits of using our Travel API?

  • Easy and fast process. Access to our Travel API within 24 hours
  • Optimize time and resources of your team by outsourcing content from a 3rd party provider like Smartvel
  • Access a complete data base with content of more than 500 destinations worldwide (more destination on demand)
  • All the information available in more than 15 languages
  • Experienced support team to guide you on every step of the process

Sounds good?

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