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Our technology helps companies within the travel industry to improve their clients experience

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Destinations are full of life. There are thousands of things to see and to do and, guess what? Travellers would love to know about them. That is why we have developed sophisticated products so that they don’t have to miss anything.

  • travel recommendation system

    Trip Planner

    Branded content widget compiling content about what to do at any destination, efficiently gathering information form hundreds quality sources.

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  • Chatbot

    An innovative system to interact with your clients through Facebook Messenger.

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  • API

    Use Smartvel’s raw content on your own digital channels via API, designing your own interface.

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Implementing a travel recommendation system can significantly improve the customer experience

In the era of the information overload, there are millions of online sites where users can find everything they need to plan their trips. Quite often they get lost because the information is fragmented or it is simply not enough. That is why, we at Smartvel have developed a travel recommendation system for all companies in the travel industry (airlines, hotels, Tourists Boards, OTA’s and offline travel agencies), as well as other sectors, which allows users to find what they actually want to know.

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Why is Smartvel different? We offer dynamic content

Our content is not only about POI’s, museums or restaurants, it also includes the latests plans and activities such us concerts, sports events or art exhibitions. Combining both types of content will allow travelers to make the most of the trip.

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Why choosing our travel recommendation system?

Travelers often don’t know where they actually want to travel, they get lost when planning a trip with the amount of information online. With travel recommendation system you can inspire them and show them all they can do at any destination throughout the journey.

  • We provide the content your clients need

    Travellers look for personalised experiences, adapted to their taste and lifestyle. With our technology you will be able to show them all plans and activities available, allowing users to also filter the content depending on their preferences.

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Our travel recommendation system provides valuable content for travelers

We aim to feed the vast need of destination content from travelers thanks to an innovative travel recommendation system, allowing companies to ease and enhance the travel experience.