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Report: Digital Transformation in the Tourist Sector

This week, Fundación Orange presented its annual report about Digital Transformation in the Tourist Sector. They have gathered significant figures and around forty specific examples. Smartvel is one of them. We are very happy that they spoke about us in one of the leading reference reports in digital trends.  By the way, they mention our 30.000 daily processed events. They have missed a couple of zeros. Nowadays, we are actually talking about 3.000.000!

Talking about digital transformation in tourism is more than just a bunch of terms: it is to talk about maintaining leadership in Spanish tourism companies. It is a necessary must (as they would say on a report) if we want to keep being leaders in tourism competitiveness. Of course, it goes way beyond investing in new technologies. We have to take into account all the procedures, the strategy, the new employee profiles (sometimes outside the sector), the way we use these new tools, …

We invite you to take a look at this report. It’s always good to know what is going on out there and the new things to come. You can download it (in spanish) here.