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Our trip with Singapore Airlines, how to enhance the Customer Journey Experience

Our trip with Singapore Airlines, how to enhance the Customer Journey Experience

Today is a good day. Finally, after working on a detailed implementation plan along with the great Singapore Airlines Digital Team, we can see how, probably the best reference in quality in the long-haul within the airline industry worldwide, has implemented Smartvel’s digital content solution.

Singapore Airlines is not just another good airline. It is the only one that has been ranked in the top three position consecutively in the last 10 years as the best airline in the world. And for those who have been working for many years in the tourism industry, you will agree with me when I say that Singapore Airlines is the equivalent of high standards in service, quality, efficiency, and customer oriented KPIs.

From now on, Singapore Airlines customers will be able to know what to do in their destinations mixing the live agenda of the cities with the hotels recommended by the airline, together with many layers of relevant data (monuments, restaurants, tours, etc). The web and web mobile users could as well book a hotel, restaurant, tour, etc., through Smartvel’s technology acting as a meta-searcher solution, in a white label within their digital channels.

Although most of the airlines provide some basic travel information (where to go, where to stay, restaurants, etc.), the matter of finding ways to offer an added value, such as up-to-date content with high usability, has become crucial to all the players within this extremely competitive industry. Moreover, providing inspirational content can positively impact customer loyalty and drive traffic to their digital channels.

It is going to be a great trip so, come with us! 🙂

You can check Smartvel’s solution within Singapore Airlines website with Sydney Trip Planner (available also in 20 additional destinations).