FAQ Smartvel’s Partners Program

FAQ Smartvel’s Partners Program

Smartvel was born in 2012 under the idea of, “nobody is in charge of efficiently managing the entire cultural and leisure agenda of destinations.” There was an opportunity and we threw ourselves at it.

Today, Smartvel offers B2B content marketing solutions to qualify tourism organizations, improve the user experience of large tourism companies and drive the next generation of connected cars. What kind of content? The content about what to do in a destination on certain dates.

Our solutions are based on a technology that efficiently collects, monitors, classifies, geolocalizes and translates all events, points of interest, cultural, gastronomic, sporting events and all personalized layers of the cultural and leisure offer that our clients want to include. About our system, Smartvel has several vertical solutions that include some turnkey products such as trip planner, content manager (CMS) or chatbot which is our latest product and enables travelers to discover everything is possible to do close to their location thank to a chat on Facebook Messenger.

One of the advantages is the rapid implementation of the service. In general, it is just a matter of including two lines of code within the web pages and/or APPs of our clients.

In the end, all the solutions for each vertical are based on the following products:

  • Widgets and microsites. They are configurable interfaces that can be embedded within any web and/or App. They already come with many advanced features.
  • Chatbot. A chat within Facebook Messenger that allows users to interact with the content.
  • API. Content served in a JSON.
  • CMS. A content manager to edit the content layers to display.

Additionally, all of the above is complemented by:

  • Usage reports. We have detailed and aggregated user interactions with our platforms. Therefore, we can regularly submit reports of the use of this data.
  • Ready-to-use content proposals. Taking advantage of the fact that we have a team precisely reviewing the content of the destinations we have available, we are capable of sending selected content proposals to the marketing teams, that can help them prepare more appealing communications to their users with excuses to travel to a certain destination. Example: 7 exhibitions that you should not miss this Christmas in Madrid.
  • Our expertise and know-how gathering, classifying and enriching content. Apart from our core, which is our technology, on some occasions, we have to go beyond the format of the product as a service. These situations occur when clients and prospects ask us for help to gather not only content related to events, but also with points of interest, sights & attractions, restaurants, Wi-Fi spots, tours and other personalized layers. To contemplate these requests we look at each case in particular and focus on developing a tailored solution. However, it is important that the solution is aligned with our product roadmap and that it translates into the use of some of our products. For example: A region already has content on points of interest and cultural agenda but it is often very complex for them to collect all the offer of tours, activities, and experiences. It is a hypersegmented market but Smartvel is able to add in a single system all the suppliers of the region in an efficient way, taking advantage of its expertise and know-how.

If you have time and access to contacts at major companies in the travel and tourism industry: companies with links to connected cars; and/or Public Administration, specially in the Tourism, Digital and Innovation areas and also believe that you are in a position to offer them Smartvel products, this program may be for you!

  • You will have a team that will do everything they can in order to help you move forward with your agreements faster and faster.
  • Through our sales intranet, you will not only have access to all the commercial material necessary to sell our solutions properly but also to the tools and tips that will ease your work in a daily basis.
  • You will receive periodic communications, our famous “updates”, where besides talking about Smartvel, we will update you with an endless number of useful digital tools and new ideas.
  • We do not like e-mails for internal communications and when it comes to you, we will treat you as someone from the inside. Therefore, we will do our best to communicate through other more effective ways. First, we will invite you to be part of Slack, our main internal communication tool where we are available for the most part of the day. If this path does not fit you, we will look for another alternative (Whatsapp, Trello…). It is all about maintaining the communication flow.
  • We will be in constant contact to provide you support on a case by case basis and to meet the needs that arise. Especially for the big proposals, that we will build together.

The goal of the program is that you have the tools and are fully qualified to offer Smartvel products wherever you see an available opportunity.

You can have more information about our attractive commissions by sending a message to hello@smartvel.com or through our Contact us page.

Of course. In fact, we encourage it. If you are part of the program, for each deal closed by another partner referred by you, you will receive an additional 5% on the commissions generated by the partners that come from your side in the following 3 years.

No, neither geographical, nor temporary, nor vertical. Of course, we have established rules of the game to prevent the internal team and other reselling partners from interfering with others’ businesses. Although the rules of the game are much more detailed in the annexes, the philosophy is “the first to arrive and to arouse an interest, wins the client” and “to maintain the opportunity, it is necessary to demonstrate that the interest lasts”.

If you offer solutions to Smart Cities, hotel groups, airlines, travel agencies, OTAs and/or rent-a-cars and believe that Smartvel has room inside your value proposal, let’s talk! There are other partnership agreement options that are, roughly, what we call “bundle offer” and what we call “mutual prescription.” In both cases it is about establishing synergies, enriching our proposals and giving us visibility to each other. Neither of these two formats is obviously part of the program and our way of relating will be more sporadic than a regular reselling agreement.

  • Bundle offer: If you believe that Smartvel can enrich your value proposition for your customers, let’s look for a project in which we can work together and find economic conditions in which we are both comfortable.
  • Mutual prescription: guaranteed discount to all clients you bring us (without commission).

We listen to you! We are always open for initiatives, new business ideas, and segments where Smartvel can be present… If you want to be part of an innovative project within a growing startup… let’s work together.