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Our destination marketing software will help your clients to enjoy even more the travel experience

Destinations are full of life. There are thousands of things to do and, guess what? Travellers would love to know about them. That is precisely why we have developed a destination marketing software for your travellers to never miss out an activity.

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Smartvel is travel tech B2B Saas company, experts in offering destination content to different entities within the travel industry (airlines, hotels, OTA’s), as well as Tourist Boards. We have developed a destination marketing software, thanks to our technology based on big data and machine learning, that is capable of gathering, classifying, translating and geolocating effectively everything there is happening at any destination in the world.

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We efficiently generate content automatically and we group it in the following categories:

  • Static content (POI’s, restaurants, museums, etc.)

  • Dynamic content (up to date calendar, events, concerts, exhibitions, etc.)

  • Unlimited layers of personalised content

Smartvel’s dynamic interface is available in more than 15 languages, fully customizable and 100% adapted to your branding. The best part is that the integration with all your digital channels is super fast and easy.

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We at Smartvel are digital transformation enablers, we help you to improve and generate digital touchpoints. Our destination marketing software will show you how travellers and locals can make the most of their stay by discovering all available plans according to the location and preferences.

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