Destination content system for Tourism Boards

We help you to show the world the true cultural richness of your destination

Destination content system for Tourist Boards

What makes our destination content system for Tourist Boards different?

Smartvel’s technology collects, geolocates and centralizes all the events, points of interest and activities taking place at your destination so that you can show your travelers and citizens the leisure and cultural potential of your destination through a dynamic and interactive way. Additionally, it allows a fast integration within your web, APP or other channels.

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What does it consist of?

The purpose of our destination content system for Tourist Boards is to ease your citizens and tourists stay, offering a complete digital guide of your smart destination, including:

  • The main points of interest (monuments, restaurants, museums)
  • The up-to-date calendar (music, events, sports, concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.)
  • The personalized content that the city may want to promote (sports events, cultural activities, markets, charity events, national or local festivities, fairs, etc.)
  • Points of interest

  • Up-to-date calendar

  • Your own content

Discover the advantages of our solution

Our solution helps to collect and display all the relevant information about your destination dynamically. It provides your citizens and visitors a unique tool to discover the destination according to their dates and preferred content.

Let us help you present your destination to the world

It boosts the local tourism industry and turns your destinations into a reference in innovation and digitalization. We want to help you present your destination to the world and attract tourists and citizens in order to show them everything that your city has to offer. Having a solution like our trip planner will allow you to show all the points of interest and the main events of the local calendar.

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Our destination content system for Tourist Boards is what your destination needs to amaze your citizens and visitors.

The solutions of our destination content system for Tourist Boards will allow you to optimize your resources, as well as to reduce the time spent collecting all the up-to-date cultural and leisure events of the city.

Thanks to our easy-to-integrate solution (within your web, web mobile, APP, and tourist information centers) you can increase both the quality and the amount of information that will be shown to your visitors.

We understand that collecting and displaying everything that your destination has to offer can be a tough one; however, working with us couldn’t be easier.

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