Destination Content for Hotels

Help your guests discover the best plans, restaurants and activities near your properties and improve their experience with personalized content.

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Destination content system for Hotels

Discover our destination content system for Hotels

The travel and tourism industry is extremely competitive, which is why it is important for hotel groups to establish and maintain competitive advantages through their digital marketing strategies. In order to achieve this differentiation, we have developed a destination content system for Hotels to help Hotels become leaders in innovation and user experience.

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Discover the benefits of our destination content system for Hotels

Our solution will allow you to display all the dynamic and multilingual content continuously updated with everything that is going on at your destinations. Save time thanks to our technology already developed that collects all the cultural and leisure calendar of your destinations.

At present, we display the information of more than 300 destinations and are capable of covering new ones easily. Additionally, add and customize your own layers of content displaying your own recommendations and activities, ancillaries and agreements with third parties, etc. Sounds good, right?

Inspire your clients

Inspiring and enriching your guests’ experience could be tough, but working with us couldn’t be easier. Therefore, if you want your clients to get to know what your destinations have to offer, our destination content system for Hotels is key to display from the most static content (POIs, restaurants, etc.) to the most relevant dynamic content, such as the local concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and many more.

It’s time for you to let your guests know the multiple activities that are going on at your destinations!

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Why do you need a destination content system for Hotels?

The answer is clear: adding value was never so easy. The main purpose of our destination content system for hotels is to amaze your guests through all the stages of the customer journey with updated, relevant and customised content, from the inspirational stage before the trip, and during their stay.

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Why do you need a destination content system for Hotels?

From the inspirational stage, to the booking confirmation and pre-stay emails, welcome letters, access pages to WIFI, or even at the hotel reception kiosks, room TVs, and much more. Moreover, you will receive information about your clients’ profile and preferences thanks to the usage reports that will be sent to you monthly.

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