Enrich your CRM data with Smartvel

Get to know your customers better and provide them with personalized offers and experiences based on their interests and past interactions.

Travel API integration

Get to know your customers better and personalize your communications thanks to Smartvel widgets.

Smartvel’s content widgets collect behavioural data from your users allowing you to enrich your CRM. With this valuable data, you will be able to learn what type of content they are most interested in and offer them personalized products, plans and recommendations based on their preferences.

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How does Smartvel’s technology work?

Our system based on Big Data and Machine Learning processes more than 2 million events every year, which then go through more than 10 verification, enrichment and categorization processes. All this information is gathered from more than 400 online sources, Open Data, Travel blogs, agreements with activity suppliers, and many more.

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Enrich your CRM with key data from your customers.

Once your customer is logged into your website with a specific ID number, we can track the behaviour and interactions with our content so that you can react and send personalized offers or recommendations through your email communications or app notifications.

With all this valuable information from the users, Smartvel can also display personalized content on their widgets so that the content is fully personalized based on their interests and travel dates.

Start adding value to your customers’ experience through relevant, personalized, and updated content with Smartvel.

If you are ready to send your customers personalized travel content with great inspirational ideas and plans, let’s talk! You will love to find out all you can do with our data

  • Easy and fast process. The data can be gathered from any of our available products (Trip Planner, API, Events Calendar, Personalized guides, or Chatbot).
  • Gather valuable information about your customers and send them personalized travel content.
  • Get to know your clients’ interests in an easy way.
  • Have high-quality information for your marketing campaigns and analytics purposes.
  • Experienced support team to guide you throughout every step of the process.

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