COVID-19 Travel Advisor

Keep your users up to date with the latest information and travel requirements in each destination.

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COVID-19 Travel Advisor

COVID-19 impact on travel is still uncertain. Each country has its own rules accepting travelers based on country of origin, nationals and residents, potential symptoms, reason for the trip, etc.

The main questions all travelers are wondering: when will we be able to travel again and which travel requirements does each country have? Will we be able to travel normally or will we have to do quarantine? Are masks mandatory in the destination?

The new COVID-19 Travel Advisor Widget by Smartvel provides the requirements to travel to all countries around the globe thanks to a unique AI Technology

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Provide to your travelers reliable and updated information about the travel requirements to travel from one country to another.

Smartvel’s AI gathers the latest information from reliable sources, official websites and institutions such as Global Government agencies, Embassies, Airports websites, European Commission, IATA, and other official bodies, to which COVID-19 Travel Advisor widget redirects if more information is required by the user.

We check and validate all the sources of information within the system every hour in order to ensure everything is updated, resulting in more 5000 checks daily

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What kind of information does COVID-19 Travel Advisor provide?

  • Permitted travellers
  • Exceptional circumstances (professional reasons, health issues, transit…)
  • Travel requirements based on the country of departure and arrival.
  • Information on the countries where airlines operate international and domestic flights.
  • Additional information that the client wants to include.
  • Potential quarantine period when arriving at destination
  • Smartvel could also enable an API endpoint that will inform which countries have updated their travel restrictions. The client could therefore notify their users if there is an update in the destination they are planning to travel to.
  • Others

Smartvel’s COVID-19 Travel Advisor can be integrated within any digital channel such as website, digital boarding passes, confirmation and pre-departure emails, App, or any others.

The easiest and fastest implementation

Once we know the destinations where you operate, we will start the set up process of the widget, customized with your brand and look& feel.

The integration is super simple, no difficulties or technical knowledge is required from the client’s side and it will be up and running in a matter of days

Forget about those complex projects that drain your team´s energy for development and integration with your systems. Smartvel will look after 90% of the implementation in record time!

Sounds good, right?

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