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Report: Digital Transformation in the Tourist Sector

This week, Fundación Orange presented its annual report about Digital Transformation in the Tourist Sector. They have gathered significant figures and around forty specific examples. Smartvel is one of them. We are very happy that they spoke about us in one of the leading reference reports in digital trends.  By the way, they mention our 30.000 daily processed events. They have missed a coupl Read more

Smartvel interview with Betabeers

Betabeers is a community of web, mobile apps and hardware developers that has brought us a lot of success, probably being the best online portal in Spanish for finding the next engineer for your company. In the past, Smartvel has been able to find many great applicants i Read more

What is content marketing

When we speak about content marketing, we refer to updated, useful and interesting content, which gives the clients a reason to sympathize with the brand, follow it on social networks or subscribe to the brand updates. Producing content continuously helps you to maintain close relationships with customer Read more

Make up for lost ground

Investing in online marketing to promote the sales through your channel and improving the travelers’ experience, is no longer optional but an obvious need. Failing to do so, the clients will be changing to channels with more advantages.

The companies are already arming themse Read more