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6 Travel trends to keep an eye on

6 travel trends to keep an eye on

Changes in the Travel Industry happen at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the dispersed information is almost an impossible mission. Between the yearly, semesterly and monthly forecasts, readers are exposed to information that sometimes goes against the grain of what has been said in previous publications. However tricky it might be to choose the right trend to follow, there are some solid changes that have been conquering its space in the market. Here they are:

Not any type of experiences The demand for experiences has been one of the most discussed topics in the Industry in the past years. Yet, the type of experience sought by travelers might not be exactly what is written on the “10 best things to do in…” blog posts. From the accommodation to the tours & activities choice tourists aim to immerse themselves in the culture, and this behavior is what generated the now known term of “experiential hotels”.

Embracing the culture and telling a story to the guests in order to make them feel inside the house of a local is the strategy chosen by hotels that want to engage and be part of the cultural tourism agenda. Unique adventures are key, any type of activity that takes the visitor out of its comfort zone and into to the concept of the cultural trip. Not only hotels but all the players of the Industry need to embrace this concept and make it as exclusive and original as possible.

Sustainable Tourism Being eco-friendly is not something uncommon or hard to find in the contemporary world. Restaurants, hotels, furniture and clothing stores, to name a few,  are some of the businesses that have already embraced this mentality and inserted it into its values. Therefore it is not unexpected that the Travel Industry would have to adapt in the interest of contemplating the needs of what started to be a small, and now shows itself as a big group of travelers. Very much correlated to the previous topic, the sustainability in travel is connected to respecting the culture and territory.

Moreover, when considering the environmental impact, the latest segment to acknowledge the importance of going green was the cruises sector. Although not much has been done, it is predicted to change in 2018 with the appearance of the “green cruises”. Nonetheless, other segments such as the airlines and transportation too have to better align its strategies to an eco-friendly point of view.

Business Travelers are Checking their Pockets When Airbnb develops a service called Airbnb for Business there should be no doubt that changes in the corporate travel sector have already been set on the table. And indeed when diving through the recent researches it is easy to spot corporate travelers preference to the “sharing” trend. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb not only provide a personalized and efficient service but also offer lower prices, which is exactly what these customers want. The reason of the decrease of expenditures is connected to the introduction of bleisure (business & leisure). Before, business travelers would spend as little time as possible on their trips, while now it became usual for them to extend their stay in order to get to know the destination

Speaking the Mobile Language The increase of mobile popularity is impacting on how customers want to deal with the different players of their trip. The power to centralize all the information in one place is what makes travelers be fascinated with the mobile-friendly services. From the booking to the check-in, transportation, and trip planning solutions, all can be provided through an online platform that helps customers personalize and simplify their journey.

It is possible that everything that was said above is not new to what we have been seeing so far, even so there are some mobile actions that are yet to be taken. Websites, in general, are adapted for the use of all the devices, but this does not solve the entire problem. Beyond the adaptation to a portable device, users want to be able to pay with their preferred gadget, their phones. Additionally to that, customers need to have a sense of security when doing so, which gives companies one more thing to work on. Therefore, it is crucial to provide mobile solutions that are safe while transmitting a message capable to help them build their trust.

All aboard! Much related to the experience focused and adventurous spirit of travelers nowadays, cruises are starting to conquer some considerable ground when it comes to engaging and attracting the new travelers. Additionally, to using different activities to speak the same language as the customers, the eco-friendly style is also becoming part of this mode of travel.

The efforts to meet expectations do not stop there, researchers show that Millennials are getting more interested in the idea of going on a cruise, something that in previous years was far from possible. This change of scenario is once more due to the new adaptations cruise lines are making in order to catch the attention of this segment. DJ lounges and millennials only cruise are two of the ideas that are starting to stand out and are really showing effectiveness.

Riding solo, girls taking the world There has been an increase in the solo travel style. A recent Solo Traveler Worldresearch shows that since 2015 traveling alone has become more and more frequent. Between 2017 and 2018 it is expected that one in every four people will travel solo. Some interesting characteristics of this group are that not only they are traveling frequently but they also start planing with months in advance.

Most of these solo travelers are Millennials and Boomers and majority of them are women! The same research shows that the two main reasons why women are now choosing to travel by themselves are to achieve freedom and to avoid waiting for someone.