You are your guest’s experience

The only online concierge that takes into account the travel dates and improves the perception of your location.

Your destination is full of life

Have a source of multi-language dynamic content that is constantly updated with everything taking place near your accommodation. Save time by allowing us to gather and classify the city’s cultural and entertainment guide.

Each hotel, its own content layers

Take advantage of a content manager to offer your guests information in their own language about the restaurants, places and/or events that are carefully chosen. In addition, achieve a more positive perception of the location of your accommodation by highlighting the nearby places.

Understand your customers

Know your guests’ contact information and their interests while they are planning their stay in your channel.

From the inspiration to the stay itself 

In the cycle of a trip there are several “moments of truth” in your guests experience that will define your relationship: the first visit to your website, the pre-stay e-mail, the check-in, and their sharing their experience with others.

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